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Kings Point Pickleball Club

The Kings Point Pickleball Club was started in 2007.
Currently our club has 331 active members.

Please mark your calendars for the 3rd Thursday of each month at 3:00 PM for future meetings. We meet upstairs in the 2020 Building.  Refreshments are served.

Members can now visit the Members Only folder to view the contact list. (password required)


For those of you who aren’t / haven’t been able to pick up an ICE card at the courts here are a couple of websites to go to:

Click here for information on ICE cards with instructions
Click here to just fill out and print a simple ICE card

Download KPPC version as a Word Document
Download KPPC version as a PDF

KPPC Presented $2000 Donation to Our Community
- Click to see picture

We have set up an image gallery.

Message from Walter:

We have set up an image gallery consisting of a number of albums. This has been made possible by the significant contributions of Nancy Gonzalez who provided over 375 pictures. The Photo Gallery page contains links to these and other pictures. Please add your pictures by following one of the options in Walter’s message below.

As part of the effort to update the KPPC website we want to try and gather as many quality pictures as possible of the major events we have had recently. To do this I am asking that if you have some good pictures of our 2017 Halloween tournament,  2018 annual party, the SUN CITY CENTER USAPA/SSIPA PICKLEBALL TOURNAMENT,  the construction of the North Courts Complex  or miscellaneous player and action shots please get a copy to me using one of the following: 

1  Upload your photos here,   [ when you get to the album titled “Load Pictures” , click on “join”, then click on the first icon at the top (has a + sign in the image, to upload pictures from your pc or phone;]

2  Email a copy of your photos to or ,


3  you can also give me a cd, dvd, memory card or other storage device with copies of the pictures on it and I will return the memory device to you after I have included the pictures in the picture album linked to the website. 

If the event is not obvious from looking at the picture, please indicate the event the pictures were taken at.


This Club is organized exclusively for the nonprofit purposes of promoting the sport of pickleball within the Kings Point community.

From it's By-Laws:

To provide, for residents (owners and renters) of Kings Point, a fun, healthy, recreational, and social activity. The KPPC, in partnership with Vesta, works to maintain court schedules and set court policies, and contribute to the maintenance of the courts for the community. The KPPC  provides lessons, balls, tournaments, and other scheduled functions throughout the year.


The dues year runs from January 1 - December 31. The dues are currently $20/yr for an individual. The Dues may be paid by completing the Membership Application and Liabilty Waiver located both at the South and the North Club Pickleball courts.

You can also find the application on this website under the 'club information' tab by clicking on 'membership application' link.


The Kings Point Pickleball Club Board has regular monthly meetings from January through December, usually held during the third Thursday each month, at 3:00 upstairs in the 2020 Building. All members are invited to attend the monthly BOD meetings and your input is welcome. Refreshments are always served.

Please consult the club calendar for the exact dates and location. The days may change due to other functions and tournaments. Special meetings may be upon the request of enough members.


The club officers are elected by the membership at the annual meeting each year in February with their terms beginning immediately after their election. All Board members are elected for a 2 year term. The Executive Committee consists of the four officers, President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and three Members-At-Large. Their basic duties are defined in the By-Laws. The Executive committee may act on behalf of the membership subject to ratification at the next regularly scheduled or special meeting.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Kings Point Pickleball Club will promote the game of pickleball to our residents and provide competitive and social pickleball activities for all playing levels.  We will encourage good sportsmanship and development of the sport of pickleball through training and participation.

Page last updated on : Tuesday February 05, 2019